The Document Printer generates custom documentation based on your shipments. This could include documents as simple as Delivery Notes, or something more bespoke like individual per-shipment Item Stickers, Quick-Pack Manifests, Pallet Labels or Shipping Manifests.

Included below are some preset examples which are already available. If there’s something else specific you need, send us a mocked-up example as a pdf or photo of some scribbles on a napkin loosely representing your requirements and we’ll see if we can get it to work for you!



The Document Printer is accessed in Shapeshift Shipping Tools. Displayed on the main panel are your currently packed shipments. That’s crucial, the Document Printer does NOT look for your Sales Orders. It looks for un-fulfilled Shipments. To clarify, in TradeGecko, if you navigate to Sales Orders, then Shipments. The contents of this page by default, should sync with Shapeshift Shipping Tools.

If you pack something new, refresh the page to update the list..

At the top of the shipment list, is a drop down menu. Select the type of document you wish to print, select the shipments you would like to include, and click . Depending on the amount of shipments, it may take several seconds to sort through the data and construct your document. Please be patient.

The result will be a PDF downloaded ready for printing!

The templates you find in the drop down menu are selected in the Document Printer Settings. From the Document Printer, click . Select the documents you want to be able to print, and click .

You can check out example versions of different document templates from the settings screen using the button, or using the links on this page.

You get one document template free with the Document Printer. Additional documents are charged at £3 per month, and you will affect your subscription cost by adding or removing document templates in this way!

The template settings can be changed in the Document Printer Settings. From the Document Printer, click . You can view each document's options by clicking the button. When you're done, click . Let's have a look at what the different options mean...

Paper/Label Size

Paper size can be set to...

  • A4
  • US Letter
  • 4"x6"/102x152mm Shipping Labels

Label/Sticker size can be set to...

  • Brother 62x100mm
  • Brother 29x90mm
  • Zebra 1.5"x2"/57x38mm
  • 4"x6"/102x152mm Shipping Labels

These are just a few paper and label sizes we have found to be popular. If you need a different paper or label size, let us know at

Show Notes

In TradeGecko, notes can be entered in the Sales Order, or specifically within the Shipment after packing. Depending on your workflow, you may want to display or hide these notes. Order and Shipment notes will be displayed separately on the printed documents.

Global Customer Notes Function

Sometimes, it's essential to set a default note for all documents at the customer level. An example could be opening times for delivery, or specific packing requirements. TradeGecko doesn't offer this feature, so we've created functionality to help you get your goods where they need to go.

In TradeGecko, navigate to a customer profile in Relationships. Under the Notes tab, add a note. For example “Delivery only after 10am”. Now in Shapeshift Shipping Tools activate the Global Customer Notes feature for a document, and voilà, the customer notes will appear on your documents.

Show Weight

If you have weight data stored for each of your variants in TradeGecko, Shapeshift Shipping Tools can use that data to provide some feedback to your team. It can be helpful planning vehicle loads (using a Shipping Manifest) or for providing shipment data to 3PL partners. Please note; If you do not have any weight data in TradeGecko for any variant, that variant will be classed as having zero weight. Further, any weight value in grams, pounds or ounces will be converted to kilograms.

Just send us a message. If it’s as simple as needing one of the existing documents on a different paper size, let us know the dimensions. If it’s more complicated, include an example of what it could look like as a digital document or even just a photo of a scribbled idea. We may have some questions, and not everything is possible, but we’ll try and create it for you!

Document Examples

Delivery Note

Our delivery note is similar to a Packing Slip in TradeGecko. The improvements we’ve made include...

  • Option of proof-of-delivery signature.
  • Optional weight data on the shipment.
  • Notes from the Sales Order in TradeGecko.
  • Global Customer Notes functionality (like opening times or global delivery notes). See above for details.

Pallet Label

A Label showing the shipping address, net weight and sender details to help identify large shipments visually, and limit mistakes sometimes made by 3PL partners.

Shipping Manifest

A list of each selected shipment on a single line, showing the company name, an address element, total weight of each shipment, total weight of all shipments and total number of items. Perfect for managing multiple shipments going onto a single vehicle, and providing a manifest for the driver.

Quick-Pack Manifest

A list of each selected shipment and all line items. Designed to help picking and packing of multiple, smaller shipments, where there is no need to print several separate pages.

Address Label

An address label based on the Shipping Address. Different variations are available for different label sizes. Just let us know if there's a label size you require which isn't currently available and we'll create a template for you.

Item Stickers

This will print a small label for every item on every selected shipment. It will include the company name from the shipping address, a single address element, an item count and your company logo. There are different variations available for different label sizes.